STARSKIN SILKMUD™ Pink French Clay Purifying Liftaway Mud Face Sheet Mask Review

During winter, my skin is a nightmare. My forehead is really dry, but I have lots of hormonal breakouts, some blackheads and open pores so I’m always on the lookout for products which will deal with these issues. I was given a Starskin Silkmud Pink French Clay Purifying Mask as a Christmas present from one of my friends, and I have been very excited to try it out.

Purify the complexion with the STARSKIN SILKMUD™ Pink French Clay Purifying Liftaway Mud Face Sheet Mask; a close-fitting mask that is crafted from stretchable gauze and then saturated with a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients. Leaving skin enviably matte, the mask is ideal for those with oily, blemished and acne-prone skin.

The mess-free mud mask is infused with a potent trio of Pink French Clay, Kaolin Clay and Bentonite, which offer the enviable benefits of a mud mask with the convenience of a sheet mask. The mud soaked sheet is able to combat blemishes, blackheads and blocked pores, without stripping the complexion of essential moisture.

Natural Silk Cocoon extract softens the visage, whilst Niacinamide offers smoothing and brightening action. Within twenty minutes the mask will gradually harden, which causes a visible lifted effect, as well as revealing radiant skin with a shine-free, matte finish.


I was concerned about using this mask on my dry forehead and I was right to be concerned. The mask does not work well on dry patches. It over-dried my forehead and stripped it of oils. It also caused a rash.

However, the mask was brilliant on other areas of my face and definitely minimised my pores, they looked so much smaller. If I buy the mask again, I will only use it on places were I have open pores or blackheads.

The mask was very easy to use and much less messy than spreadable ones.

It costs £8.50, so it’s not cheap but it is effective for purifying skin. Please don’t use it on dry skin/areas though!

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