My love of nature and the outdoors and *trying* to embrace winter

My favourite time of the year is summer. I love having a cup of tea in the garden when the sun begins to rise, reading a book outside and tending to my lovely flowers and plants. I love going for country walks or to the beach to watch the sunset.

I find gardening really therapeutic…seeing the flowers grow from seed, the bright colours and my body feels good because of the exercise. I really struggle when the winter sets in and my flowers die back and I can’t go outside and tend to my garden. (You can see lots of my lovely flowers on my Instagram).

I hate the cold weather , the lack of light, getting up when it’s dark and the sun setting again by 4 o’clock, it makes me feel utterly miserable. So this winter, I’ve decided to make sure I go for plenty of walks during the afternoons, even when it’s freezing cold. I’ve started doing this already and honestly, I feel so much better on days when I have.

With this more positive mindset, my mum, my nephew and I went for a huge walk around the pinewoods and down to the beach. It was beautiful, the trees and beach were dappled with a warm light and we all felt so much more refreshed afterwards.

As you can see, we all had a great time, particularly my two year old nephew. A few glasses of real ale in a country pub followed!