Father’s Day Gift Guide

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s really difficult to buy for and if I ask him what he would like for his birthday/ Father’s Day or Christmas, he always says, ‘spend the money on yourself’ or, ‘just take me for a pint of real ale.’

So, this year I’ve bought him a few different drinks and a non-alcoholic variety for when he’s driving.

STRYYK NOT RUM (gifted) £16

A delicious zero-proof alternative to traditional rum, made from a combination of clove, oakwood and grapefruit.

It’s 100% natural with no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavours. 

Stryyk an old favourite like a Rum & Coke or a Mai Tai, or use it as the base for a new creation.

Hooper’s Plum & Sloe is kind of like a very sweet, fruity cider. It’s delicious! I originally started buying it in Waitrose and despaired when they stopped stocking it, but a few months later, it appeared in Home Bargains (at a cheaper price as well)!

I hope you all have a lovely Father’s day with whoever you spend it with and whoever isn’t celebrating this year, I hope you look after yourselves and have a day of self care.