Exuviance AF Vitamin C 20% Serum Capsules Review

I recently won a competition held by Illuminate Skin Clinic founded by Dr Sophie Shotter (who gives great tips and advice on Instagram, by the way). The prize was Exuviance AF Vitamin C 20% Serum Capsules.

I have never used Vitamin C serum on my skin before so decided to do a little research first. It seems that Vitamin C was the most searched for beauty product of 2017 and is soaring in popularity in this sector!

Why is that?

Vitamin C has enormous antioxidant benefits for your skin, boosting collagen while helping to treat UV exposure photo-damage. It also boosts skin luminosity and smooths skin tone.

My thoughts on Exuviance AF Vitamin C 20% Serum Capsules…

I love that the product is in capsules. I found out from my research that it’s really important to buy single-use, individually wrapped products because when antioxidants are exposed to light and air they break down, making them less effective.

One capsule was enough to cover my face and neck, but now and again I’ve been using an extra capsule on my decolletage as well. (I’m trying to look after this area as much as my face and neck as I’ve noticed this seems to be ageing quicker!)

The serum didn’t was scentless, which was a massive tick for me as I really don’t like scents on facial products!

I use the product 3 or 4 times a week after I cleanse my skin, and I’ve been doing this for a month, so I can really see the effects.

My skin itself is looking really good lately, and I’ve had a few comments that it’s looking ‘luminous’. I think it can only be down to this product as I haven’t changed my other skincare products. My skin feels really smooth to touch. I’ve also been wearing less foundation and feeling confident with bare skin.

I’m really excited about this product and would definitely purchase it again once I run out of capsules.

Thank you, Dr Sophie Shotter and Illuminate Skin Clinic for my prize!