Crème Du Loch – Age Defying Daily Moisturiser Review

The Crème Du Loch moisturiser contains powerful natural ingredients, such as retinol, rose hip oil, cranberry seed and kelp extract, which create an ultra nourishing skin care product, with massive short and long term benefits to the skin.

Retinol – proven to boost collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles​

Rose Hip Oil – rich in vitamins C & A, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, the high levels of vitamin A increase skin cell turnover, whilst vitamin C evens out skin tone.​

Cranberry Seed Oil – Superfood for the skin, contains omega 3, 6 and 9 and is super rich in Vitamin E, essential for hydration and general skin health.​

Kelp Extract – protects against UVA rays and external pollution, protects collagen and helps to prevent the formation off fine lines and wrinkles.

My first impression of this moisturiser was the souffle-like consistency; I have never felt a skin care product as soft and silky before now. It glides onto the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft without even a hint of oily residue. It is super nourishing on the dry patches of my face, namely my forehead and top of my nose. My skin remained super soft all day after applying it in the morning. It is a truly beautiful cream.

The second detail I noticed is the scent. It has a sweet floral smell, which I think is derived from the rosehip oil. I love the smell and I’ve been using the cream not only on my face, but on my décolletage and hands as well (People always forget that they can use anti-ageing products on their hands – they are one of the areas which age quickly if they’re not looked after due to washing them/using household cleaners/sun damage). I really love the smell that lingers on my hands and décolletage, but I would probably prefer a less scented version for my face.

It costs £49 for a 50ml jar, so it’s in the premium price range. The green and gold packaging is lovely, but for a premium price I would prefer a glass jar, for environmental reasons as well. (The plastic jar can be recycled, though.)

I was kindly gifted a jar of Crème Du Loch Age Defying Moisturiser to review.